Inunnguiniq IQ Principles

Elders believe that the IQ Principles are timeless and of great value now in Inuit lives as they live in a challenging time of rapid change inside a post-colonial, bi-cultural world. To find the Inunnguiniq’ pamphlets, click here.

Click on the “image” to download or read each of the Six Principles. Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit’s Six Principles make up “…an ethical framework and detailed plan for having a good life. It is a way of thinking, connecting all aspects of life in a coherent way. Western-European culture and science, by contrast, tends to divide aspects of life into pieces that can be dissected, isolated and studies… [the] hope is the reader will come to understand holistic thinking and the importance for Inuit of living in respectful relationships with all things.” (Joe Karetak)

This collective work is meant to be shared back to the Inuit community. Produced by the Aqqiumavik Society with the permission of Shirley Tagalik.

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