Help with Child Care Costs

Our fulltime, full day, year-round child care program has a daily childcare fee attached to each toddler and preschooler’s space. The fees and contractual agreement terms are set by the City of Ottawa. The fees and terms are not determined by the Inuuqatigiit Centre. These fees help with infrastructure costs, transportation, food, staffing, before- and after- schooltime care, family events and much more.

Families are able to choose whether their child receives assistance for partial or full subsidized childcare costs (household’s income-base determinants) by agreeing to terms that families have agreed to and signed contribution agreements with the City.

The first step — apply for a full, partial or full subsidy by completing an online application. Click here to go to the City’s Daycare website..

The City has criteria to prioritize each family’s needs. Families must live in Ottawa and have children 10 years old or under. Using your Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment income Line 236, you can determine how much you may need to pay for child care using the Child Care Subsidy Calculator.

The Inuuqatigiit Centre will receive electronic notification of your interest in attending the Inuuqatigiit’s Early Years’ programs. Then the Early Years Manager will contact you when a child care space is available. To find out more about our programs and child care space availability, please do not hesitate to speak to our Early Years Manager, 613-744-3133, ext 228.

The Tumiralaat Child Care Centre is located in Ward 12.

There is a separate Early Years Inuuqatigiit Centre registration package that will need to be filled out at the Centre. During registration, the Intake Coordinator will also be asking if the family’s information and recommend other programs offered at Inuuqatigiit Centre.

Registry and Waitlist

The City of Ottawa is pleased to announce a new feature to the Child Care Registry and Waitlist that will help ensure that all information is as accurate and up to date as possible. It will also make certain that the child care centres have the most accurate, up-to-date information to contact parents when they have a child care spaces to fill.

All parents with an active application (includes both full fee and those requiring a subsidy) in the Child Care Registry and Waitlist will be required to log into their account every 60 days and update their application information. Parents who do not have a change to report will still be required to log in at the 60 day mark in order to confirm that they are still in need of child care. Parents will be receiving an email advising them of this requirement.

How will parents know to log in?

Parents will receive a notification from the OneHSN system at 60 days, reminding them of the requirement to log in and update their information. This notification will also contain instructions to assist parents in accessing and making changes to their account. Parents will also be instructed on how to de-activate their account if they no longer require child care.

Parents have the ability to log into their OneHSN account and make changes at anytime. The requirement to log in and update information will ensure that all information in an application for child care is accurate and up-to-date. These notifications will also prompt parents to de-activate their account should they no longer require child care, therefore ensuring that provider’s waitlists are reflective of families currently in need of care.

What if a parent does not have access to the internet or needs help with their application?

Parents who do not have access to the internet, or require a more enhanced level of assistance, can be referred to a Community and Social Support Centre, where they can access computers and assistance on-site from 8:00 to 4:30 (8:00 to 4:00 – June 1st to September 4th).
o Central: 370 Catherine Street
o East: 2339 Ogilvie Road
o South: 2020 Walkley Road
o West: 100 Constellation, 2nd floor East
o Other internet accessible locations include Ottawa Public libraries

If you have any questions regarding this new process, please email or contact the Early Years Manager.