Silatuniq – Youth Engagement

The Silatuniq Inuit Youth Engagement Program focuses on school re-engagement and school maintenance for Inuit youth 14 to 24 years living in eastern Ontario. The goal of the program is to break cycles of poverty and gain meaningful employment for Inuit youth by supporting them to complete high school and engage in post-secondary education. The program is Inuit-specific, community based, providing social, cultural and practical supports including tutoring, mentorship, life skills, youth leadership, outreach, advocacy and case management. An innovative 3-year evaluation will provide new data on strategies that improve the well-being and future success of Inuit youth.

Silatuniq Youth Engagement

at 352 Crete Place
Billy Brown, Youth Engagement, 343-996-3798
Inini McHugh, Student Support Services, 613-697-5129

Funding originates with the Ontario Ministry of Housing – Local Poverty Reduction Fund. Administered by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.