Community Initiatives and Mental Health

Community Initiatives and Mental Health: 595 Montreal Road, Suite 507• Ottawa, ON • K1K 4L2 • CANADA

Inuutiarnirmut Katujjiqatigiit Mental Health Counselling

Provides mental health counselling services to children, youth and adults to facilitate healing and well-being. Through culturally centered counselling, that includes cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy, support from Elders, and other approaches, people gain new awareness and ways of coping with issues such as anxiety, depression, behavioural concerns, addictions, trauma, relationships, stress and more. Individual and group sessions are offered.
Debra Williams, Mental Wellness Counsellor 343-571-3169
Natasha Penny – Child & Youth Counsellor 613-327-9843

Youth Justice Program

This program provides culturally centered systems navigation and mental health supports for Inuit youth (12 to 18 years) looking for assistance and information on the justice system. Services include prevention support, outreach, case management education, court support and mental health counselling.
Elsa Barnes Philp – Youth Justice Counsellor and Coordinator 343-575-0818
Jonah Petric – Youth Justice Liaison Worker 343-572-8600

Child First Initiative

This program helps families obtain the educational, cultural, social and health services that their children require, by assisting families to apply for funding through the Child First Initiative. Additionally, the program offers Integrated Plan of Care (IPC) services, case management and service coordination for children and youth with complex needs. The IPC process ensures that services are in place and coordinated between service providers.
Andrea Fox – Child First Initiative Coordinator 343-543-3500

Sivumut Alluqatigiit Program

Youth Wellness Counselling, Cultural Support, Outreach and Case Management services are available to help Inuit youth (12 to 25 years) develop positive lifestyles and cultural and community connection.
Services include mental health and substance use counselling, harm reduction support, naloxone kits, housing assistance, safety planning, referrals, advocacy and access to Elders and cultural activities.
Brianna Hamilton – Youth Wellness Counsellor 613-327-9853
Ruth Kadlutsiaq – Youth Cultural & Wellness Counsellor 613-323-1630
William (Billy) Brown – Outreach and Peer Support Worker 343-996-3798

Art Therapy

Art therapy is available for children, youth and parents. The process allows for creative expression that can foster healing and mental well-being. It helps people explore emotions, develop self- awareness, cope with stress and boost self-esteem. Individual and group sessions provided.

Youth Mental Health System Navigation

This program provides children, youth and families with help to navigate educational, social, health and other service systems to help reduce barriers and gain access to the services that they need. Case management, referrals and support services are provided as well as additional assistance with Child First Initiative applications and Integrated Plans of Care.
Systems Navigator 343-550-4676

Tasiuqatigiit Program

Provides social and cultural navigation and support services to Nunavut families traveling to Ottawa for medical services at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). The program also provides social and cultural support services to Inuit children and youth living in group homes and to medically fragile children and youth residing in foster homes.
Heather Murray – System Navigator 343-572-0544
Andrea Carter – Social-Cultural Navigator 343-573-3329

Team Management and Administration

Levi Takpanie – CIMH Program Assistant (613) 203-7248
Carolle Boivin – CIMH Team Director (343) 550-8550