Family Well-Being (FWB)

“Serving a child, means serving a family”

Inuuqatigiit’s Family Well-Being (FWB) program builds on the strengths of the children, youth and their families by providing holistic supports tailored to the unique needs of each family. The programs’ emphasis is on prevention and cultural acquisition and serves Inuit parents children, youth and non-Indigenous foster and adoptive families.

The Family Well-Being team manages the intake process for all families interested in participating in Inuuqatigiit programs. It also provides safe spaces and wrap-around supports for families, delivers the Inuit-specific parenting program Inunnguiniq, plans land based family camps, offers sharing circles for men and women, wellness activities including family and youth drop-ins, cultural evenings, and education/support to adoptive and foster parents.

The Family Well Being program offers a team approach to family wellness through Cultural Programs, Family Supports, Wellness Programs, safe spaces and programs specific to Inuit Families and children. We envision a holistic approach where families and community can access a variety of services, specific to their particular needs.

• Centralized Intake
• Women’s & Men’s Healing Circles
• Family Drop-In
• Youth Drop-In
• Sewing Group
• Breakfast with Dad
• Monthly Culture Night
• Inunnguiniq Parenting Program
• Monthly Adoptive/Foster
• Parent Support Group
• Individual Supports such as:
– Court Accompaniment
– CAS Support-Access Visits
– One-on-One Meetings
– Referrals and more….

For information, please contact:

Manager: Janice Messam, 613-744-3133, ext. 211

FWB Assistant, Michayle Hay-Amarolik, 613-744-3133, ext. 265

Central Intake: Clara Noah, ext 248, or work cell 613-462-6066

Family Services

Interim Family Support Worker: Trudy Metcalfe-Coe, 613-744-3133, ext 247

Assistant Support Worker: James Mutyaba, 613-744-3133, ext 243

Evening Childcare Lead: Shannon Hamilton, 613-744-3133, ext. 217