Volunteering at Inuuqatigiit

The Inuuqatigiit — Centre for Inuit Children, Youth and Families functions through the hard work of its staff, and we are also lucky to have the additional support of parents, relatives, members of the Inuit community and those who just want to roll up their sleeves and help out just out of the goodness of their hearts.

We are truly grateful for the many generous offers from people wishing to volunteer at our Centre. However, without a Volunteer Coordinator, and given the nature of our work with young children, our capacity to meaningfully engage volunteers at this time is limited.

Click here to download the Inuuqatigiit Volunteer Handbook.

Currently, the type of work we can offer to volunteers, for example students looking for placement experience is:

  • Primarily evening and weekend programming with older children. Before applying, please consider whether this area of engagement would specifically support your educational pursuits.
  • Additionally, we have some need for housekeeping work (maintenance, cleaning out storage areas and cupboards). While not as interesting please know that this type of work is necessary and appreciated.

With a bit of preparation, we welcome those of you who would like to contribute their time. If you are one of these people, you will find details below on this downloadable link to find out about our organization, Inuit culture, and on how you may connect with us to keep building a better stronger Inuuqatigiit.