ᑐᙵᓱᒋᑦᓯ tunngasugitsi Welcome!

Welcome to the Inuuqatigiit Centre for Inuit Children, Youth and Families, home of the Early Learning programs Sivummut Head Start and Tumiralaat Child Care; Youth programs like Bridging the Gap, the Tukimut After-school; and the Inuktitut language program, Uqausivut. In partnership with parents and the community, the Inuuqatigiit fosters strong and proud Inuit children, youth and families.

Director of Early Years Programs, Project Coordinator & System Navigator

Get your resume and cover letter ready! Keep in mind the positions’ application deadlines. Opportunities to work at our agency have opened. There are postings to join other organizations as well. Start your journey by checking this site’s Job Posts. Pay attention to the application deadlines to ensure your chance for these employment opportunities.

School Board seeking Parents for Focus Groups: June 11, 17 or 18

The OCDSB wants to better understand the challenges and successes that students experience in school. Parents are invited to participate in focus groups to help us learn more about the challenges that their child(ren) face and to identify systemic barriers and/or bias in our schools. Parents will also have an opportunity to share examples of supports that have impacted them positively.

June 19 — Knowledge Exchange Gathering: Embedding Indigenous Knowledge in Early Years and Child Care

The Ontario Indigenous Centre of Excellence for Early Years and Child Care is extending an invitation to early years professionals to attend our first Knowledge Exchange Gathering. The purpose of the gatherings is to engage in conversations to consider Indigenous pedagogy in early years environments.

Inuutiarnirmut Katujjiqatigiit

Inuutiarnirmut katujjiqatigiit (working Together), sponsored by Health Canada, is a Parent Mental Health Program with Reepa Evic-Carleton and Pam Stellick. It is an 8-week program. New Session starting Thursday, May 2, 2019. Registration for each session is required. Contact Reepa for information, 613-744-3133, ext 263.

Isuma represents Canada at 58th Venice Biennale!

For over 30 years Isuma has been creating a legacy of work that aims to bring strong Inuit forward into the future. Their work aims to stimulate thought and inspire those who engage with it or, “to foster a state of thoughtfulness”. Isuma is on view at the 58th International Art Exhibition — La Biennale in Italy. Follow Silakut Live From the Floe Edge on isuma.tv. To learn more about art in Canada.

Ilagiinut Kativvik (Where Families Gather)
EarlyON Program

These Child/Family programs provide services to children 0-6 years and their families. Programs support the bond between child and parent/caregiver, foster cultural knowledge, pride and identity, enhance child development, promote early literacy skills and support healthy pregnancies.

Inuuqatigiit’s Bridging the Gap BTG

The BTG program supports Inuit students and parents; teaches Inuit culture and history; and assists teachers in meeting youths’ learning styles by building confidence and pathways to educational success. Would you like a presentation for your school or classroom? For more information, call Hazel. 613-744-3133 ext 214.


Learn Inuit Culture Online!

Our Inuit Cultural Online Resource, also known as ICOR, is undergoing some site development. It provides a central resource location for learning about Canadian Inuit culture and traditions. Its purpose is to offer a way of learning about what it means to be Inuit, including some basic vocabulary. Videos are available through this website.

Hope For Wellness

The Government of Canada funded the creation of a national toll-free First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line. The Help Line, which is already operational, provides immediate, culturally competent, telephone crisis intervention counselling support for First Nations and Inuit, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Counsellors can also work with callers to identify follow-up services they can access. Service is available in Cree, Ojibway, Inuktitut, English and French.

Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework

The Framework sets out a shared vision, principles and a path forward for Indigenous early learning and child care–a Canada where all Indigenous children have the opportunity to experience high-quality, culturally rooted early learning and child care programming in their cultures and languages.

Inuit History Extract from National Inquiry’s Final Report

Twenty pages extracted from the comprehensive National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls that highlights the Inuit trauma resulting from colonial governments’ policies. This excerpt bears witness to the negative experiences of many Inuit.