Uqausivut Culture and Language Program

1. Promoting and supporting the retention of Inuktitut in an urban setting.

The Uqausivut program began in 2008, since then its been able to offer a variety of language retention activities for children, parents and the community. We believe this program is essential to keeping Inuktitut alive in Ottawa and look forward to continuing this program once further funding is secured.

Saturday Community Language Classes 2019-2020 will not be offered this year.

For access to the Inuit Culture Online Resource (ICOR), for Inuktitut Level 1 and 2 podcasts designed to offer an introduction to Inuktitut. Click here or on the snow goggles at the top of the page.

2. Inuktitut Language Revitalization Project 2019-20

This project focuses on supporting children, youth and their parents in Inuktitut language acquisition through the development of Inuktitut Language Kits for home use for parents of children 0-6. We are focusing the second component of this project on Inuktitut Language integration through theme based Inuktitut language activities and sessions during Tukimut Afterschool Program and Youth Life Promotion Drop In.

For more information, please contact:

Deborah Tagornak, Inuktitut Language Specialist, 613-744-3133 x224.

Language Assistant: Ruth Gustaw, 613-744-3133 x224.

Department of Canadian Heritage