Non-Insured Health Benefits Information

Non-Insured Health Benefits is a program that provides Nunavut Land Claims, James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, and Labrador Inuit Land Claims Beneficiaries the support for the following:

-specific drugs
-dental care
-vision care
-medical supplies and equipment
-short term crisis intervention
-medical transportation
-mental health counselling.

If your client previously had a Territorial health care card, then they have automatically been registered. Nunavut clients living outside the settlement area will have to register with Nunavut Tungavik Incorporated. Same applies for Inuvialuit.

The following drugs that are covered can be found at this link. Click here to go to Indigenous Services Canada’s Drug Benefit List

Did you know that the following drugs can be covered by NIHB without prescription at the NIHB friendly pharmacies? Shoppers, Jean Coutu and Pharmasave Respect RX by Akausivik, under 3.13 at this link. Click here to go to Indigenous Services Canada’s Treatment List

Dental benefits that are covered under NIHB are: (NIHB Dental services list to be provided at a later date)
-exams and x-rays
-fillings and crowns
-root canals
-dentures, partials
-removal of teeth
-general anaesthesia/sedation
-braces and appliances

Prior to receiving services, the dental services that work with NIHB will request approval. This includes the more complex procedures such as crowns, braces, root canals, dentures, and frequent dental services.

Eye and Vision Care that are covered under this program include: (NIHB Vision care service list to be provided at a later date.)
-general eye and vision exam
-specific and follow up exams
-first pair of eye glasses (lens and frames to a certain amount that is determined by Health Canada.)
-Eye glass replacement and repairs. (every 24 months for 18 years or older, every 12 months for person younger then 18)

For more information, please do not hesitate to call Clara, the Family Support Worker, t: 613-744-3133 ext: 258, c: 613-852-0777