Saturviit, A Study Report on the Life and Concerns of Inuit Women of Nunavik

A Study Report on the Life and Concerns of Inuit Women of Nunavik
Saturviit, Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik
Pascale Laneuville, June 2015

Summary of Findings (click on title to download a copy)
Long Study-report

Women are the heart of families and communities but their opinion on social, economic, or political issues in Nunavik is not well known. With the intention of fulfilling its mandate to speak on behalf of the women and children of Nunavik, Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association in Nunavik decided to conduct a broad survey on the life conditions of Inuit women in the region.

The principal objective  was to gain a better understanding of their concerns, needs, and aspirations and to find solutions to current social issues.  This report presents the main findings of the survey and should be read by all individuals, communities, local and regional organizations, provincial and federal governments, and any other groups and individuals working in Nunavik. It sets forth women’s priorities for housing, education and employment, family and individual wellness, the legal system and social services, and social harmony. It aims to pinpoint major issues that have to be addressed to help regain a safe and healthy life environment for Nunavik families and to propose ways to solve these issues in a culturally relevant manner.

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