Staff Directory

Inuuqatigiit Centre for Inuit Children, Youth and Families


Head Office and Early Years’ Centre: 230 McArthur Ave. • Ottawa, ON • K1L 6P5 • CANADA
General Info, Phone: 613-744-3133 |  343-553-3027

Youth Centre: 76 Queen Mary Street • Ottawa, ON • K1K 1X7 • CANADA
Phone: 613-744-3133, ext 210

Ilagiinut EarlyON Child and Family Centre: 352 Crete Place • Ottawa, ON • K1L 7K7 • CANADA
Phone: 613-744-3133, ext 259

Community Initiatives and Mental Health: 595 Montreal Road, Suite 507• Ottawa, ON • K1K 4L2 • CANADA

Pirurvviapik Child Care Centre: 815 St. Laurent Blvd. at the Rideau Community Hub • Ottawa, ON • K1K 3A7 • CANADA
General Info: 613-800-1483 | cell 613-297-1947


Stephanie Mikki Adams, CAFM, Executive Director, 613-299-2352

Pitsiulala Noah, Administrative Assistant, 343-553-3027

Kendra Tagoona, Director of Programs, 613-462-2608

Carolle Boivin, Manager of Community Initiatives and Mental Health, 343-550-8550

Travis Lindgren, CFO, 343-575-1066

Leanne Slater, Director of Human Resources 613-408-8159

Education Department
Nopiming Inini McHugh
Manager, Education Support Services, 613-697-5129Bridging the Gap (BTG) Program
Holly Alguire, Coordinator, 343-574-9090
Aalla, Senior Presenter, 343-575-5452
Lindsay McCart, Student Support Coordinator, 343-996-3782
Kennedy Mathurin Williams, Student Support Services Worker, 613-294-9273Kayla Power, Student Support Services WorkerCultural ProgramsLeeanne Hainnu-Manniapik, Cultural Student Support, 613-220-5619Silatuniq Youth Engagement Program
Lorraine Espinal, Coordinator, 613-298-4785
Belinda Bruce, Student Support Services Worker, 343-996-3908
Kora Jewell, Youth WorkerYouth Employment Skills Strategy ProgramElaine Piche, Coordinator, 343-574-9094
Brian Gervais, Career Counsellor, 613-415-5485
Haley Shedlosky, Job Placement Officer, 343-575-0699Akwe:go and Students Nutrition Program
Courtney Walters, Coordinator, 613-410-9491Wasa-Nabin Program
Lindsey McCart, Student Support Services Worker, 343-996-3782PSE – Post Secondary Education HubTrudy Metcalfe-Coe, PSE Elder, 613-462-3673
Pete Taylor, Student Support Services Coordinator, 343-552-9425

Community Initiatives and Mental Health

Team Management and Administration
Carolle Boivin – CIMH Team Manager, 343-550-8550
Levi Takpanie – CIMH Program Assistant, 613-203-7248

Inuutiarnirmut Katujjiqatigiit Mental Health Counselling
Debra Williams, Mental Wellness Counsellor, 343-571-3169
Natasha Penny – Child & Youth Counsellor, 613-327-9843

Jessica Caul, Youth Mental Health Systems Navigator, 343-550-4676

Youth Justice Program
Elsa Barnes Philp – Youth Justice Counsellor and Coordinator, 343-575-0818
Matt Hall, Youth Justice Liaison Worker, 343-572-8600

Mental Wellness Counsellor
Andrea Fox – Mental Wellness Counsellor, 343-543-3500

Sivumut Alluqatigiit Program
Brianna Hamilton – Youth Wellness Counsellor, 613-327-9853
Christine Kudluk – Youth Cultural & Wellness Counsellor, 613-323-1630
William (Billy) Brown – Outreach and Peer Support Worker, 343-996-3798

Tasiuqatigiit Program
Heather Murray – System Navigator, 343-572-0544

Rhonda Maclean, Controller, 343-576-9573 ext: 222Lina Liu, Finance Clerk, 613-744-3133 ext: 214Maria Jose, Finance Cleark, 613-744-3133 ext: 214Human ResourcesSneha Das, HR Assistant, 613-744-3133 ext: 226Family Well-Being Program
Janice Messam, Manager, 613-744-3133 211 or 613-415-5768
Carla Devlin, Child Welfare Liaison Worker, 613-371-6790
Courtney McDonald, Child Welfare Liaison Worker, 343-548-8577Sherina Strus, Support Worker, 613-852-0777Shania Snache, Support Worker, 343-548-6845Men’s Services Worker, 343-997-6706
Rebecca Jones, Family Programs Coordinator, 343-597-0274Ilagiinut Kativvik / EarlyON Child and Family Programs
Mulin Xie, Coordinator, 343-542-2692
Barb Paneak, 343-996-4068Sivummut Aboriginal Head Start and Tumiralaat Child Care:
Natasha Barroso, RECE, EY Manager, 613-744-3133 ext 228 or 613-302-1693Natalie Chenier, RECE, ext 220
Sarah Proctor, ext 220
Laurie Jamieson OCT
Bruce Kigutaq, ext 225
Barbara Cayer, ext 221
Aura Valenzuela, RECE, ext 217
Ruth Gustaw, ext 233
Valerie Vallieres, RECE ext. 217
Madeline Papineau RECE ext. 217
Glen Boyer, ext 217
Jennifer Kadluk, On ​Maternity LeavePirurvviapik Child Care Centre:
Offering Infant, Toddler and Preschool
Kathleen Jadan, Manager, Phone: 613-297-1947

Brooke Black-Chevrier, RECE
Atiq Bhuiyan, Early years cook
Ashley Morris, RECE
Christian Cooper, RECE
Barinder Sohal, RECE

Youth Programs

Jonah Petric, Manager, 343-574-8714 or 613-744-3133 ext 227

Saelym Degrandpre, Right-To-Play (RTP)/ Makkuktukuvik Coordinator (on leave)
Simon Cody, Coordinator, Youth Life Promotions Afterschool program, 343-573-2324
Ridda Attiah, Tukimut Afterschool Program Coordinator, 613-220-6114
Oolooci Taukie, PSE Program Coordinator, 343-574-6261

Youth Life Promotions (YLP)
Simon Coady, Coordinator, 613-240-1475
Arianna Metcalfe-Coe, Assistant

Maintenance Lead
Kelly Adams, 343-996-4065